Film – It’s not dead

Here we are well into 2018 and I figured it was time to showcase some of my recent work shot with 35mm film. Yes, that is right, film. Did you know that the hip young ones of Wellington are buying up the 'old' point and shoots? That you can buy film, labs still process it for a reasonable amount, you can even get slides and the little 110 cartridges processed? I have collected a few and I like to collect ones I can use. I have attached a few from my Christmas hols near Mahia and a recent camp at Mt Holdsworth out of Masterton. I will even create a new gallery page by the end of May so stay tuned!

At Mahia with a Minolta Autocord TLR and Pentax K1000

What a year so far

…with the sky-rocketing house prices in Auckland and elsewhere, a big demand for rentals (never mind rentals which should, in all decency, reach a minimum living standard) plus the influx of new residents to the Wairarapa and consequently the reduction of houses on the market for sale. As usual I have been all over the Wairarapa and Tararua region working with agents and homeowners who understand the value of visually appealing photography when it comes to marketing. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, right?

Also, I have been busy with wetplate collodion tintypes and ambrotypes via Brass and Glass, Vintage Photography.  Anyone who has participated in this form of photography is left spellbound by the experience. You can see what we are up to via our Facebook page.

One of the highlights for Brian and I was a visit to Old West Town Mellonsfolly Ranch in the middle of nowhere (National Park region) to update their marketing images plus photograph the town in the authentic manner hailing from the 1850s. The town is an amazing experience – a perfect corporate getaway with NO cell phone reception.

My gallery will be updated over the next week, showcasing a variety of homes across this region.

Why use video to market?

Technology is clicking along at a great rate and for us older folk it can seem bewildering. However when it comes to marketing, video is gaining more and more traction, familiarity and therefore affordability and ease of use. Younger ones especially seem to be completely comfortable with video and it seems that a video is watched before text is read or images scanned.

So how is video going to impact your real estate marketing? I believe that vendors are increasingly expecting video to be a part of the marketing options.  Here are a few points to consider when you are asked the question “Why?”

Project Six Degrees busy busy

#projectsixdegrees is cracking along! I have captured 30 of the 36 participants whose images have now been immortalised on a #tintype, using the #wetplate collodion process first used in the 1850s. Every participant has enjoyed the results and I have enjoyed meeting a diverse group of wonderful people from my community. With thanks to #creativenz. Exhibition is looming so I had better get moving and get the plates mounted!  Many thanks to my assistant and master of the wetplate process, Brian Scadden!

Hoani holding a photograph of his father laying down a hangi

Six degrees or less?

Well I can now announce that in conjunction with Carterton District Council and Creative Communities NZ, I am undertaking a photographic project looking at the connections in the Carterton community. Here is an excerpt from the Wairarapa Times Age paper today:

She said she was inspired by the idea of “mutual friends” on Facebook and will be creating six series of six portraits using a nomination system to decide who who will be featured in them.
“The first person nominates the second person, who nominates the third person, so on,” Ms Fletcher said.
“And then when the collection is exhibited, there’ll be six rows of six portraits showing that the first person in the run is connected with the sixth person in the run— but they may not even know each other.”
To make matters more intriguing, Ms Fletcher is using the 1850s medium of wet-plate collodion photography for the collection, a photographic process which requires subject matter to stay still for at least eight seconds to create the portrait.

So, keep tuned into my Facebook page to watch progress as I capture 36 Carterton residents with the tintype process, with all images being exhibited in the Carterton Events Centre from September 24 2016.

Catching up

Here is a selection of recent work, from grand old villas at twilight to ultra modern kitchens and living spaces. I love architecturally designed homes because you never know what you will see. It is refreshing to see new ideas and when the homeowner wants a ‘blank canvas’ as a base for her colour scheme and design flair, well the results can be stunning! While modern is nice, villas often have a ‘sense of place and time’ that is hard to replicate in a more modern home. I dislike homes that echo, no sense of warmth and peace. A place to sit in the sun is hard to beat!

Home_pillars2 Kitchen_modern Lights birdnest Louvre windows Villa_deck_nightDecking


Bye bye summer

I’m sitting in my office looking out the window at the bleak cool day. Summer seems to have departed very quickly – ugh. Not a fan of the cold of winter, I prefer a balmy 27degrees and #beaches. So I was pretty happy to zip out to Riversdale Beach recently to capture a cracker beachfront home that has just hit the market. Extensively renovated, the practical owners Pete and Janet really have made the most of their site with its ocean frontage. With open planned living areas, Janet used her #interiordesign skills to create a warm but airy feel as well as practically up-cycling the old deck timber and other ‘bits’ from the reno. AJ at #Bayleys Masterton has this listing, but I don’t think it will last long! * 15 April – Yep, I knew it – house is SOLD and the owners have moved already. Well done #RiversdaleBeachRealEstate

Deck Kitchen twilight deck Stairs




Wine and song

Summer is definitely here in the Wairarapa, and the wineries at #Martinborough are hosting various events for those out ‘n about, enjoying the sunshine. Brian and I were at Brodie Estate winery a few weeks ago and enjoyed the entertainment courtesy of the #AndrewLondonTrio – who agreed to a #tintype photoshoot. Fantastic musicians – love their take on life; musical comedy and satire!




As the year ends…

I would like to wish all my clients and friends a safe New Year’s eve, and see you all in 2016! The other day we had a family get-together at our place in #Carterton and took the opportunity to grab a #wetplate #ambrotype of Brian’s brothers and sisters. Plus pets 🙂 So here we are, the Scaddens (Brian, Liz, David and Ken) who grew up on a #Wairarapa farm and are now working in fields as diverse as photography, animal welfare, recruitment and archiving & maritime history. A family heirloom that will never fade.