Six degrees or less?

Well I can now announce that in conjunction with Carterton District Council and Creative Communities NZ, I am undertaking a photographic project looking at the connections in the Carterton community. Here is an excerpt from the Wairarapa Times Age paper today:

She said she was inspired by the idea of “mutual friends” on Facebook and will be creating six series of six portraits using a nomination system to decide who who will be featured in them.
“The first person nominates the second person, who nominates the third person, so on,” Ms Fletcher said.
“And then when the collection is exhibited, there’ll be six rows of six portraits showing that the first person in the run is connected with the sixth person in the run— but they may not even know each other.”
To make matters more intriguing, Ms Fletcher is using the 1850s medium of wet-plate collodion photography for the collection, a photographic process which requires subject matter to stay still for at least eight seconds to create the portrait.

So, keep tuned into my Facebook page to watch progress as I capture 36 Carterton residents with the tintype process, with all images being exhibited in the Carterton Events Centre from September 24 2016.