About Me

As a younger person I rode motorbikes (pillion!), travelled to Europe, tramped over various hills, danced, thought about scuba diving and pursued photography. I still travel as much as I’m able, drool over classic cars and dance whenever the occasion arises.

Raising two children alone was the impetus for entering the real estate industry in 2005 as a freelance photographer. With over a decade’s experience I am a trusted industry professional who still enjoys her job. No two days are the same and there have been some wonderful people met over the years. In late 2009 I revived an interest in rugby photography and very quickly found myself at the Sevens in Wellington. Good fun!

Although I had been a contributor to various motorcycling magazines, it wasn’t until 2012 that my attention was drawn to larger storytelling projects. In 2013 I was commissioned by agricultural firm, CB Norwood Distributors, to record their company story. It was a wonderful project.

I have lived in the mighty Wairarapa since 2015 to be with my partner Brian, coming to the region from Palmerston North after spending a decade or so there.  I have become hooked on the black fingered art of wetplate photography – handcrafted images using silver and light. Think tintypes from the American Civil War era.

I have met many people through my work and all have a story to tell. I never tire hearing these.

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