Real estate and Architectural photography:  I capture the features that make each property unique. My experience across residential and commercial assignments means I know what your clients need to showcase their properties and to compel buyers to view; and this sometimes mean I am climbing fences or laying on the floor to get the right angles!


Here is the link to my youtube channel where my videos are hosted.

*** NEW – try a walkthrough video; they are very affordable and a great way to demonstrate property layout.

People are flooded with information but they are not connecting. Connection comes from understanding and emotional connections initiate action.  I am looking to produce a video for you which is relevant and authentic and forms an emotional connection – which gets the right result. Effective production begins with a discussion about your needs and your audience. I want to have that conversation – discover who you are, where you come from and who are your visitors/customers.   I can then tell your story to others through video.

Marketing a home isn’t all about statistics; it’s about starting a conversation which creates a connection.

Video is gaining traction – here’s some reasons why:

When you make a booking with me, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing my work is fully guaranteed. Backed by years of experience and solid, industry knowledge, I am a trusted industry professional: delivering a quality product with exceptional service.

C B Norwood Distributors Ltd. The book, C B Norwood: Our Story Our People, illustrates the outstanding contribution this company has made to the agricultural communities throughout New Zealand over the last 65 years.  Research, interviewing, writing and much of the modern photography was undertaken by myself. Mary Pickett of Clover Design (graphics and layout) was fantastic to work with.  We are both keen to collaborate on more stories!

Wet Plate photography is a recent addition to my interests. The process, which heralds from the mid-19th century, captures the soul of a person through silver and light with images captured on glass or tin (tintypes).  A very deliberate process, it is a true collaboration between photographer and client.